The TimeBreak Control Panel

Most TimeBreak settings are performed in a page in your browser (see Rules & Status for more information). However, for technical reasons, a couple of settings must be done in a separate application, called the TimeBreak Control Panel. These settings are

Additionally, the TimeBreak Control Panel allows you to monitor the status of the TimeBreak system, temporarily stop or start the TimeBreak system, and it also provides a convenient link to open the Rules & Status pages in your browser.

Note that you will need administator privileges on your computer in order to run the TimeBreak Control Panel application. This prevents your kid(s) being able to manipulate the system by e.g. changing your password or stopping the TimeBreak system.

The Main Control Panel Window

The main window consists of a status indicator and four buttons:

Additionally, the top right button opens the TimeBreak documentation (that is, the documentation you are reading right now) in your default browser.

Rules & Status

Clicking this button simply opens the Rules & Status pages in your default browser. See Rules & Status for more information.

Start/stop TimeBreak service

Depending on the current status of the TimeBreak system, this button will either stop the system (if the system is running) or start it (if it is not running). When the TimeBreak system is stopped, it will not record any time usage data, neither will it allow you to edit time usage rules and/or usage status. If you stop the TimeBreak system, it will remain stopped until you start it again manually.

Set password

To keep your kids from manipulating the TimeBreak rules, the Rules & Status pages are protected by a password. To set this password, click the "Set password" button. Like most passwords, the TimeBreak password is case-sensitive, that is, "aaaa" and "Aaaa" are considered to be two different passwords.

When running the TimeBreak Control Panel for the first time after installing, it will prompt you for a password. Later, you can use this button if you need to change it (e.g. if you have forgotten it).

Note that you will not be required to enter your old password in order to change your password. This allows you to set a new password even if you have forgotten your old one. Note however that since the TimeBreak Control Panel requires administrator privileges to run, your kids (who should not be set up with administrator privileges) will not be able to use this feature to change your password.

Edit network settings

Usually, you will use the "Edit network settings"-button only if you plan to use TimeBreak on more than one computer. Clicking the button brings up the following window:

The window consists of two main parts:

The port number is needed for other computers to be able to connect to this computer. It is also needed to access the Rules & Status pages, see Rules & Status for more information. Usually, it is ok to just leave it at its default value of 8888, but if you have other programs on your computer using the same port number, the TimeBreak system may not work properly. In this case, you can try to change the port number to another value. You can use any value between 1 and 49151, we recommend you select a value above 1024 since lower port numbers are often used for standard system services.

If you have installed TimeBreak on more than one computer, you can use the "Add computer" button to include them in your TimeBreak network. To be able to communicate with each other, the computers must

When clicking the "Add computer" button, a window will appear with a list of local computers. You can select one of the computers from the list, or, if the computer you want to connect is not listed (for technical reasons the list of computers might be empty), you can enter its hostname directly.

In the list of networked computers, each computer is listed with its name, its port number and a status. The port number defaults to 8888, and refers to the port number used by the given computer. That is, if you have changed the port number on the given computer to some other value, you need to use that value when connecting to it from other computers.

The status can be either "Ok", or one of the following:

After clicking "Ok", the new network parameters are saved, and, if necessary, the TimeBreak system is restarted. Any changes made to your network parameters will be automatically forwarded to your other computers as well (this may take a few seconds). So, for instance, if you add computer "B" in the TimeBreak Control Panel on computer "A", computer "A" will automatically be added to the list of computers on computer "B".