Installing TimeBreak

To install TimeBreak, download the setup-file from the TimeBreak download page, double-click the file and follow the instructions given.

After the installation is completed, the TimeBreak Control Panel application will be started. In some rare cases, the Control Panel might get hidden behind other windows, if this happens simply minimize other windows until the TimeBreak Control Panel appears.

After installing TimeBreak, any currently logged in users should log out and log in again, in order to start the TimeDisplayer application (which will notify the users about their remaining time, bonus points etc). For more information, see the chapter on TimeDisplayer.

Registering your copy of TimeBreak

Until you buy a licence key and enter it into the TimeBreak system, your TimeBreak system will be in trial mode. In this mode, everything works exactly as in the full version for 30 days. After this, the system will still be active, but no time usage monitoring will be performed, and nothing will happen when your kids have spent their given amount of time (i.e. they will not be logged out, have their session locked or whatever you have decided should happen when their time runs out). To make the TimeBreak system fully functional again, you will need to buy a licence key.

When TimeBreak is running in trial mode, this will be indicated by a red warning in the top bar on the Rules & Status page (see here for more information about accessing the Rules & Status page). The warning will indicate the amount of time remaining, and it will provide a link for registering your copy of TimeBreak. To acquire a licence key and register your copy of TimeBreak, follow the instructions given.

Note that you will only need one licence key per household, regardless of how many computers you install TimeBreak on. If your computers are connected in a network (see here for more information about how to set up TimeBreak in a network), your registration will automatically be copied to the other connected computers when you have registered your TimeBreak system on one computer.